Extreme Ride

Extreme Ride

Especially designed for speed and adrenaline lovers, this program aboard our speedboat requires the use of helmets and goggles. You will never forget the electrifying moments you will experience with us.
Program not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

  • Tour duration: from 1h (30 min in speed) to 2h
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Minimum booking amount 10 people



Terra Incógnita
Doca de Santo Amaro (DOCAS)
Armazém 17
1350-353 Lisboa

Latitude: 38º 41′ 57” N
Longitude: 9º 10′ 43” W

Telephone: +351 21 302 15 88
Mobile: +351 93 699 25 60
Email: info@terraincognita.pt


Your reservation may be subject to change in case of exceptional circumstances.

Open Hours:

Week days: from 10h to 18h, lunch break from 13h to 14h

Weekends: from 9h to 19h, lunch break from 12h to 13h

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