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Jornal de Notícias – Oceanário Goes Out of Doors to Show Dolphins

on July 30, 2021 Comments Off on Jornal de Notícias – Oceanário Goes Out of Doors to Show Dolphins

A boat trip to observe dolphins on the Tagus River is the new proposal of Oceanário de Lisboa for summer vacations, in partnership with the nautical center Terra Incógnita. The two entities share values ​​of environmental and animal protection and, therefore, seek to make the activity not only an hour of fun, but also a pedagogical moment about the mouth of the Tagus and all those who live there.

It is the first time that the Oceanário takes an experience abroad. In addition to seeing dolphins, it is possible to explore marine wildlife along the coast of Lisbon, the only European capital where you can observe those cetaceans in the wild. There is also the possibility of being close to an enormous biodiversity of birds, such as gannets, terns and cormorants, about which various curiosities are revealed. Sometimes, the visit by boat makes it possible to see sharks.

“With this visit, we were able to take visitors to the true habitat”, explains Elsa Courela, from the Oceanário’s communication team. The objective of the experience is that everyone is “sensitized, aware and motivated to conserve and protect the animals” and the places where they live.

The entire boat trip is accompanied by a marine biologist, from one of the organizing entities, who will transmit specific information about the main animal of the activity and also about all the fauna and flora that can be appreciated during the tour. In addition to the knowledge of dolphins and other species, the Oceanário guarantees a unique view over Lisbon. “A less common perspective of the city”, summarizes Elsa Courela.

The dolphin watching trips started this August and have been successful, with many interested parties and reservations. In addition to the boat adventure on the Tagus River, there is the possibility of purchasing a joint ticket with access to the interior of the Oceanário, where there are more than 500 species, thus enjoying a complete experience of marine knowledge. The activity is available until the end of September, from Friday to Monday, at 9.30 am. Depending on membership, the Oceanário is considering opening new schedules.

mosermaniqueJornal de Notícias – Oceanário Goes Out of Doors to Show Dolphins

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