Team Building

Terra Incógnita is not just a pioneer on this area, but also the national nautical team building market leader.
Sailing is the only nautical activity that potentiates and develops individual abilities, team work, clear communication, incisive decisions, efficiency leadership and entertainment, all at same time.

Using monotype boats, registered, legalized and insured, together with our know-how and experience acquired through the years, we can guarantee success on Team-Building and Outdoor-Training initiatives.
Every year thousands of employees, collaborators and seniors partners sail with us, in order to upgrade their performance as professionals.

At your request, specialized consultants will make the connection between sailing
experience and entrepreneur experience on a real and dynamic way, during all sea meetings briefings and debriefings.

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Portugal, and specifically the River Tejo, is by nature an exceptional place for water sports, namely sailing.

Featuring the biggest monotype fleet in the country, we create a regatta program (sailboat races) so that the winners will be the ones who better control the sailing techniques.

We distribute your collaborators, friends or guests, by different teams; each team will step in one of our boats with an experienced and accredited instructor (trainer).

We invite all participants to take the exceptional feeling to lead and control the boat, providing a unique experience and personal accomplishment, which motivates all participants to give their best as they amuse themselves.
This are the real unique and exclusive moments that will stay memorable forever with all the ones involved on this experience.

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After several hours of intense working sessions who doesn’t want to relax and have some fun?!
We try to recreate a battleship of the old times (pirates vs corsairs), using 100% biodegradable water balloons.

Pure Fun!

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More than an isolated group, a company is a array of departments working towards a comum goal.

In this program we challenge participants to develop their communication and strategy skills to achieve the highest score possible.

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Monuments Routes

Taking advantage of all the heritage momunents along the riverfront streets, we have “monuments routes” through Tagus river where you can see some of the most amazing monuments from the water.

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Treasure Hunt

Want to spend a memorable day with your team? we can offer you an unforgettable stay in our boats with team-building, sightseeing , historical-cultural survey and loads of fun!

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