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Terra Incógnita is certificated by the Direcção-Geral de Recursos Naturais, Segurança e Serviços Marítimos (DGRM), from who it has been assigned as an official training entity with the nº 03/EFNR/01-R/2003.

Terra Incógnita develops navigation courses from more than 15 years in order that all students can be able to practice their nautical activities, safely.


Enables the holder to the ER command in daytime navigation at a maximum distance of 3 miles from the coast and 10 miles from any shelter port, with the following limits:

From 16 to 18 years of age, ER up to 6 m in length with installed power up to 22.5 kW, water scooters and motorized boards regardless of their power;
Over 18 years, ER of up to 12 m length, with installed power adequate to its certification.


Enables the holder to the ER command to navigate in sight of the coast up to a maximum distance of 25 miles from any shelter harbor and 6 miles from shore.


Enables the holder of the ER command to navigate to a distance from the coast that does not exceed 40 miles.


The exam is every third friday of each month at 19h. (subject to a minimum of 8 participants)

Revision class on wednesday before the exam, at 19h

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Course schedule


Sailor: 8 theory classes + 3 practice classes

Local Master:10 theory classes + 3 practice classes

Coastal skipperr:17 theory classes + 4 practice classes


Start               End  Examination day** Schedule
Local Master 06th October 05th November 07th and 08 tb November Tuesday and thursday 20h to 23h
Coastal skipper 06th October 03rd December 05th and 06th December Tuesday and thursday 20h to 23h
  • *Subject to confirmation
  • **Subject to DGRM confirmation


Course Price
Sailor *
Local Skipper *
Coastal Skipper *
VHF renovation exam *

*Please contact us for more information  213 021 588 or

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