“Already for some years, BMW’s route is related with sailing high competition practice. The Oracle BMW Racing Team emerge to participate on the America’s Cup, probably the most prestigious and oldest international sailing competition. Given the technology complexity of the boats, BMW add an engineering automobile structure, directed for the technologic development of the boats aerodynamics, materials innovation, structural analysis, measurement techniques, endurance and material lightness.

In 2006, BMW created his own international competition, a non professional sailing trophy, the BMW Sailing Cup, in order to allow their clients and sailing fans, to participate and contact with the brand and the sailing world at BMW.

In 2009, is then presented in Portugal the BMW Sailing Cup, with a sport and competitive side and the BMW Sailing Academy, a sailing school with the objective to allow who never sailed or pretends to improve their sailing skills, to be able to do it 365 days a year.

So, BMW in Portugal create a contact platform with their clients and brand lovers, with these two sides (competition and teaching), that will certainly reinforce the link between BMW and sail, in national soil, allowing sharing common values: Innovation; Efficiency; Dynamic and all competitive spirit inherent to sail.

BMW Sailing Cup and BMW Sailing Academy are both long-term projects, so BMW Group in Portugal called upon a partner, which was able to guarantee the required professionalism and continuity to success. Terra Incógnita was the only national company that gather all the BMW Group demanding requirements, to start this innovator (novelty) project. For the professionalism, rigorousness, efficiency and commitment to quality and continuity, Terra Incógnita clearly has been overtaking every single challenge that has been appearing along this project.”

Marketing Manager
BMW Group Portugal


“Ericsson has built his global reputation based on fundamental values as Respect, Professionalism and Persistence, fundamental characteristics applied on the sailing world, either in competition between teams, either on challenge of nature.

Ericsson becomes linked with sailing, through its participation at Volvo Ocean Race, on the 2005-2006 and 2008-2009 editions, regarding the fact that this race reflects the complex communications global market; speed, high-technology, fierce competition and extreme environment.

Taking all advantages that sailing world offer, between them, sea contact, socializing between teams and entertainment, Ericsson in Portugal decided to invest on the events organization to its collaborators, clients and other stakeholders, in order to provide leisure and benefit inter-human relations.

The bet of Ericsson in Portugal sailing is based on the partnership started in 2007 with ATR and has been crucial for the success of our activities. We consider that ATR is also ruled by one of Ericsson values – Professionalism – that took us to reinforce this partnership, in the beginning of 2009, extending our support to four boats and creating “Ericsson Sailing Academy”

Joana Ai Quintas
Communications Manager
Ericsson Portugal


“Since 2004, Chivas Regal is related to sailing, either through international advertising campaigns, either through public relations, sponsoring and events, performed in Portugal.

Sailing is a very rich communication territory and relevant for the targeted Chivas consumer, namely because the sailing world combined values, are precisely the same as Chivas, i.e., escape, relax, nature, contact with the sea, release daily stress, together with some classicism and glamour.

In Portugal, the brand focused its position on the sailing world through “Catamaran Chivas” that is used to provide consumers, clients, VIP’s and journalists a “Chivas Experience”, thereby transmiting the values of the brand signature “THE CHIVAS LIFE”.

Towards to strengthen the combination between Chivas and sailing world in Portugal, in July 2007, Chivas Regal organized its first regatta. “The 1st Chivas Sailing Cup” in Lisbon, that had the presence of more than 70 boats, and where were about 1.500 people.

For the success of all this sailing initiatives in Portugal, has been crucial the support and partnership with Terra Incógnita, company that strives by accuracy, quality and professionalism, necessary to be associated to a prestigious international brand as Chivas Regal.

Filipa Sá
Marketing Manager
Grupo Pernod Ricard Portugal