Sunset by the river




Sunset by the river on a catamaran

42,00 € per person

Enjoy the wonderful sunset of Lisbon and the peace and tranquility of the river Tejo, while tasting typical portuguese products. All this in the comfort of our luxurious catamaran, maneuvered by our team that will do everything for you to have an unforgettable end of the afternoon. Do not miss this opportunity, get to know Lisbon from a new and unique perspective. Bring your entire family.

  • Tour duration: 2h
  • Schedule: 01st to 15th to April 18h00 / 16th Abril to 15th May 18h30 / 16th May to 10th August 19h00 / 11th to 31st de August 18h30 / 01st to 20th de September 18h00 / 21st September to 10th de October 17h30 / 11th to 26th October 17h00 / 27th October to 15th December 15h30.
  • Capacity: 18 people
  • Special offer: snacks and welcome drink
  • Discounts: 30% children under 12 years old


Sunset on a speedboat

25,00 € per person

If you like strong sensations this is the ideal program for you, the perfect combination between the tranquility of the sunset on the river and the speed and adrenaline of our boat.
Do not miss this opportunity!
Program not recommended for children under 8 years of age, pregnant women and people with spine problems.

  • Duration: 1h
  • Schedule:  June, July 20h00 / 1st to 10th August 20h00/ 11th to 31st August  19h30/ 1st to 20th September 19h00 /21st to 30th September 18h30



Terra Incógnita
Doca de Santo Amaro (DOCAS)
Armazém 17
1350-353 Lisboa

Latitude: 38º 41′ 57” N
Longitude: 9º 10′ 43” W

Telephone: +351 21 302 15 88
Mobile: +351 93 699 25 60


Your reservation may be subject to change in case of exceptional circumstances.

Open Hours:

Week days: from 10h to 18h, lunch break from 13h to 14h

Weekends: from 9h to 19h, lunch break from 12h to 13h

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